August 07, 2015

Pretty Pink House of Dreams

I am always on the hunt for bright colorful buildings and walls around town. They always brighten my day, and are the perfect backdrops to use for photos. Luckily, the little town I live in prides itself on street art, and most of the original Pacific NW houses are usually painted in bold flashy colors. 
I've passed this vintage-house-turned-salon many times, and have always admired it's structure and landscaping, but it wasn't until they gave in a pretty pink makeover that  I really feel in love. Pink, purple, and red are some of my favorites colors, and the combination of all three together is just pure joy to my eyes. 
Every detail of this place is so amazing. From the painted heart shutters, to the garden full of matching flowers, there is not one thing I don't find magical. I even got to see humming birds flying around, which is always an added bonus for me! 
This was the perfect place to come to cheer myself up on a gloomy summer day (I mean, did you see how dreary the sky looks in these pictures?) It was also the perfect backdrop for my new french bulldog printed dress and donut clutch! I can't wait to pass by this little place again. 

Outfit Details:
Dress: Iya
Clutch: Asos
Necklace: Vintage
Hair clip:
Shoes: Dolce 

1 comment:

  1. What a cute house. I've been wanting a pink Hello Kitty themed house. You just inspired me more.



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