June 05, 2015

National Doughnut Day 2015

Happy National Doughnut Day! Today just happens to be one of my favorite holidays. Did you know that I absolutely love doughnuts? I'm also really happy that they are very trendy right now because that means I never have to feel bad for indulging in one!
Because today is about celebrating doughnuts, I decided to make a doughnut pinata! I've had this really strange urge to make a pinata lately, and what better shape to make than a fat, colorful doughnut?! There was definitely a learning curve for me, and I am a little sad that I didn't have any pink paper on hand to make pink "frosting," but I actually love how it turned out!
How are you celebrating today? Are you going to eat a ton of doughnuts? Maybe you'll wear your favorite doughnut themed piece of clothing? Comment below and let me know!

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