May 21, 2015

Coral Florals

I have been kind of absent from blogging lately, due to creating new items for my store relaunch. And even tho I'm really excited to finally get my new, handmade products up, I really just can't wait to focus more time and attention on blogging. I wanted to share this floral crown I created for a boho photo shoot I'm styling tomorrow. I have never made a floral crown with silk flowers, and I am really happy how it turned out. Plus, it was way easier to make than if I were using fresh flowers, or paper ones I created myself. 
I used the extra flowers to form a backdrop on the wall. It's so dreamy and different, I wish I could leave it up all year long. It also got me thinking about how this would be a fun and uncomplicated way to spruce up a wall, and create a backdrop for parties or event. All you need is flowers, washi tape, and scissors! Now, I  want to throw a party and due it all over again!


  1. Love it! It was so fun working with you on the boho shoot. I can't wait to share the final images with you. xoxo

    1. Aw thanks! I had a great time collaborating with you!



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