March 31, 2015

DIY Confetti: 3 Ways

I have been obsessing over confetti lately. I just can't seem to get enough of it! I even have a drawer full of various bags, mixed with different types of confetti. I absolutely adore using it in photography, throwing it in the air when I'm feeling a little down, or wearing it as an accessory in my hair. 

 I have frequented many local and online shops to find the perfect mix, only to be let down when I can't find the colors, textures, or prices I'm looking for. I decided it was time to take manners into my own hands and create my own. I wanted to show you the process of how I've created my own custom confetti mixes, just in case you've found yourself in the same confetti conundrum as I did. 

Version One Supplies:
-Tissue paper
The first step is to cut long strips of tissue paper. This works best if you keep the stack of tissue paper folded together and then cut through all the layers at once
Once you have all the strips cut out, start cutting into the ends of them, angling the scissors in different ways to create different shapes. 
Mix all the little pieces together. Then, use your fingers to to rub the confetti together to un-stick any pieces that may have clumped together from cutting. 
Now you're ready to party! Throw is in the air, scatter it on tables, stuff it into envelopes. The possibilities are endless! Tip: using a mix of regular tissue paper and metallic paper looks amazing together, but the metallic pieces are heavier, are more prone to sinking to the bottom, and falls quicker than the tissue pieces when thrown in the air. 

Version Two Supplies:
-Tissue Paper
-2 sizes of hole punchers

Like the above version, cut your tissue paper into long strips. Once you have all your strips cut out, start creating the confetti with the smaller hole punch. 
Once you have enough smaller pieces, start punching out the larger circles using the other hole puncher. Tip: you may have to work with the thickness of the tissue paper to make it easier to punch. If it's too thick, it will stick to the outer edge of the hole punch. If it's too thin, it will not pierce through the paper properly. 
Like in version one above, mix the pieces together, and then run them through your fingers to help break apart any pieces that have stuck together.
Bam! You now have another custom confetti mix! I really like this mix because it reminds me of the kind I used to be able to buy at the party store here, that has sadly been discontinued. The tissue circle confetti is also very popular right now. 

Version 3 Supplies:
-Variety of ribbons

Decide which colors of ribbon you want to work with, and cut some off the spool. Tip: This is also a great project for left over ribbon scraps. 
Start cutting the ends of each ribbon off to form small pieces . You can play around with the angle of cutting (like in version 1,) or how wide each pieces is.
Mix all your ribbon bits together to create your custom mix. 
Now you have your own custom confetti mixes! These methods can be a little time consuming, but if you're not looking to decorate a huge party, it's a great alternative to buying it from the store. Plus, when you make your own, the possibilities for color and texture are endless! 

xxoo Jené

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