January 14, 2015

Party Perfect Confetti Hair

I found this pin of an amazing glitter hair part the other day, and just had to save it to  my "Get Your Hair Did" Pinterest board . I have pretty much been obsessing over it ever since. I really want to give it a try, but have been limited with time and supplies. While doing a photo shoot the other day that involved confetti, I had the idea to try out something similar using the itty bitty confetti I had made. I sprayed my part with firm hold hair spray, sprinkled on confetti, and then sprayed a little more hairspray on top. 
A while after I was already done taking photos, the confetti started falling down throughout the rest of my hair, and on my shirt. I actually liked how that looked too, and wish I would have been able to take some photos. This look is whimsical and fun, and is perfect for getting you noticed at a party!
Would you ever give this look a try? Or have you ever done a look similar to this? Comment below and share! 

xxoo Jené


  1. What a cute idea! :)


    1. Thanks Kallin! Confetti is so fun, isn't it?!



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