January 26, 2015

DIY Pipe Cleaner Statement Necklaces

Hey little cuties! I have such a fun DIY inspired post for you all today. As you can tell from the title and images, I have created some pretty cool statement necklaces using pipe cleaners! I have been wanting to do a pipe cleaner crown how-to for a few months, but decided to scrap that I idea when I saw just how many bloggers have actually come up with their own tutorials on how to make them. I started brainstorming other fun uses for pipe cleaners, and that's when I came up with these necklaces. 
The necklace above was inspired by the collar necklaces that have been popular for the past couple of years. To make it, I started with two gold pipe cleaners. I took one end from each, and firmly wrapped them around one another to form one long pipe cleaner. I tried it on, and adjusted it to the length I wanted by cutting off a bit at the ends. Then, I bent two pink pipe cleaners to look like a pointed collar, and twisted each end around the gold necklace base. I topped it off by creating a gold bow, which is attached to the center. 
This silver, black, and white one is somewhat a cross between a necklace and scalloped collar. I used two silver pipe cleaners to form the base, using the same method as above. I tried it on, and established the necklace shape. To form the scallops, I started from the middle and worked my way out to the sides. The scallops are made by twisting one end of a black pipe cleaner around the silver base to secure, then forming the "u" shape, wrapping the next bit of pipe cleaner around the silver (to secure the other end of the scallop,) and then forming another "u" shape.  Once I had enough scallops to my liking, I glued pom pom balls on top. 
This last necklace is super fun and over the top! This time I used 3 pink pipe cleaners to form the base. I then wrapped magenta and silver pipe cleaners around  the sides of the base to form color blocking. The middle is made from various pipe cleaners cut in 2 different lengths. I twisted the longer pieces on first, and then the shorter ones. I wanted to add a little extra sparkle to the middle, so I glued on matching sequins in different shapes and sizes. 
I did not bother putting pictured steps on how to make these, and gave pretty loose directions of how to create your own, simply because they are incredibly easy to construct! I do want to mention that all I did to secure them for wear, is twist the ends together a few times. 

I think these would make perfect photo booth props, unconventional fashion accessories, or even a fun rainy day activity for kids. They are also a wonderful craft, because all you really need is an assortment of pipe cleaners, and a little bit of imagination to make your own! 

Would you ever consider making your own pipe cleaner necklace? If so, what would you use it for? Comment below and tell me what you think! 

xxoo Jené

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