September 09, 2014

Tacky Fruit Salad Nails

Hi guys! I'm just popping in to share a few photos of the tacky fruit salad nails I gave myself yesterday. They're so incredibly kitsch, aren't they? I wish I would have gotten more close ups to show you, but it was the end of the day and a rushed photo sesh. was all I could handle. 
To get this look I used China Glaze White on white as a base color, let it dry completely, and then added a layer of Cina Top coat and bonder. I used tweezers and the wooden tool that came with the Cina fruit decals for all of the decorating. I think this look is really fun, and would be cute with even one or two pieces of fruit per nail. 

What I was not too happy about though, was how long it took the bonder to dry, and the fact that the fruit decals didn't stick to it very well. I ended up putting layer after layer of the bonder on top to seal them down, but the decals kept trying to pop off, causing me to have to do nothing but repeatedly press them down for an hour. I would recommend these for a photo-shoot, or if you have a fun event to go to, but I don't think they would last for more than a day. 

This is my first time trying to do any sort of nail decal myself. I am hopping to experiment more with these and other types. Do you have any favorite nail decals, stickers or wraps? Comment below to share your favorites!

xxoo Jené


  1. Those are adorable! I love to use Jamberry Nails. They're beautiful wraps that are non toxic and the don't chip or fade. I'm a consultant for them; here's my website if you're interested

    xx Courtney

    1. I've heard of Jamberry, Courtney! I have to give them a try!



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