September 02, 2014

Shocking Pink

I finally went through with it. I have dyed my hair pink! Well, I dyed the ends pink! I have been threatening to do this for about two years, and decided to finally follow through. I used to dye my hair all sorts of funky colors when I was a teenager. The first time I did it though, I went with pink ends just like this. It feels like I'm 16 all over again!
I decided to go with a semi-permanent color in case I get sick of it. This shade of pink was actually the result of my second coloring attempt. The first time I mixed it with too much conditioner to try to get a pastel look, but it was barley noticeable. After seeing the incredibly pale results, I went with the full on hair dye, but left it in for a shorter amount of time. I actually like that it came out a little bit more of a shocking pink color, but I am excited for it to wash out a little and become pastel.

xxoo Jené

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