June 20, 2014

Julep Custom Color Inspiration

Describing my personal style is not that easy for me. I respect and enjoy so many different types of fashion, that it's hard for me to say I fall into the category of just one. I've had this constant battle within myself since I was getting my degree in fashion. I have struggled with deciding if my style is more feminine and sweet, with pastels and frills being what I favor most, or if I am more of a wild child, opting for bold bright colors and crazy silhouettes. I just love both ends of the spectrum so much.
When I was contacted by Julep to create my own nail polish color, I was so excited! I love creating and designing things other than clothing, because it allows me to step out of my comfort zone, and think outside of the box. But once I sat down and started brainstorming ideas for my perfect polish color, I once again felt the struggle of which way to lean aesthetically. Do I pick a softer pallet, or go with a really wild color? Then, I realized that this indecisiveness is who I am. I'm not sure if I will ever be comfortable picking just one style, so I decided to create a nail polish that incorporates both delicate and flashy.
Well, OK, I actually came up with two concept designs, seen below. Both have a base of dreamy blue/green, with brightly colored flecks of glitter. The one on the left has chunky pieces of chartreuse, as well as smaller glitter pieces in blue and silver. The one on the right is speckled with small bits of purple, chartreuse, and green. I really love them both, and wish I could paint my nails with them right now. 

If you're interested, you can check out some of the new Julep nail colors here! They're also having an insanely awesome contest, where you have the chance to win a trip for two to New York Fashion Week, and a $5000 shopping spree! The sweepstakes is open until June 30, 2014, so hurry up and enter! You can find more info here
xxoo Jené

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