May 28, 2014

Sundays Are Fun Days

I usually take my own photos for the blog using my camera remote and tripod, but sometimes I'll ask my boyfriend, Fermin, to take them. It's not his favorite thing in the world to do, but I'm lucky he loves me enough to go through with it anyways. He even lets me boss him about a bit in the way in which I want my photos taken. He is definitely an artist in his own right, and I don't know why, but I always get so tense when I ask him to take photos of me when we're out. This time felt different though.
I let him take the wheel a little bit this time when shooting, and I'm really happy I did. I felt more comfortable and we actually joked around a bit, which turned out to be the one thing that my photos are missing. I always take my outfit posts so seriously. My body is always so rigid and I barely show my true smile. I'm actually kind of a goofy, crazy person; something that you can't really tell from my photos. I'm hoping this is something he can bring out of me when I'm in front of the camera. Now, I just have to have him take more photos! 
Even as I'm writing this post, I'm giggling thinking of the little jokes we were saying while taking these photos. We even took some in action jumping photos that are hilarious looking. I posted one of him doing a heel click because it came out pretty awesome. I should post the crazy ones of me jumping to give you all smile, but I think I'll just take it one step at a time.

xxoo  Jené

Outfit Details:
-Sweater: Thrifted
-Jeans :Red Blue Denim
-Shoes: Restricted
-Purse: Vintage 
-Necklace: Modcloth

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