April 22, 2014

Yashiro Japanese Garden

Sundays are pretty much the only free day from work that Fermin and I have. We have decided that we would take each Sunday to really spend time with each other, and try to see parts of Washington we have never seen before. I wanted to go to the tulip fields again this past Sunday, but we were having car trouble, and I also realized it would probably be really crazy, with it being Easter and all. I had heard about this Japanese garden in downtown Olympia, and we decided to go see that instead. 
Yashiro Japanese Garden is nestled in a part of town that I had not been to yet, which just seems absolutely crazy to me. We've been in Olympia for over a year, and with the city being so insanely small, it's hard to think that I have not seen it all. We drove around the neighborhood a bit before walking through the park. There were the cutest little houses, all of which had beautifully flowered lawns. I feel like I finally discovered the part of Olympia I always knew was there, but could never really find.
The garden was pretty small, but it was beautifully landscaped. There was a waterfall pond full of Koi fish, Japanese statues, and little hidden paths through flower bushes and bamboo trees. It was so peaceful and serene, which was a surprise for its location. It would be a great place for picnics, which I definitely plan on going back for in the summer. I only wish I had spent more time there, and took more photos. But I guess there's always next time.

xxoo Jené

Outfit Details:
-Blouse: Moon Collection
-Skirt: Vintage
-Brooch: Vintage 
-Shoes: Deena & Ozzy
-Purse: Hi-Di-Hi 

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