April 07, 2014

Get Up and Go

Happy Monday cutie pies! Hope your weekend was swell! I had a fun time, if I do say so myself! Yesterday, I went for a little day trip to Seattle for my friend's birthday potluck brunch. While driving into town I realized that I had not been to Seattle in a very long time, which is crazy, because I only live an hour away. It was so great to get out of little Olympia and see some of my friends, it made me realize I really need to make more of an effort to get up there!

I took these photos outside of my friend's house in Queen Anne. I just love this little gate with ivy growing on it. Every time I see it, I just can't help but admire it. It's a perfect place to pose for photos. Don't you think? I really like spending time in Queen Anne, with its pretty little houses, and cute flowers blooming everywhere. Not to mention it's very hilly streets, and little coffee shops and restaurants. It's probably one of my favorite parts of Seattle. Now, I just need to plan another trip up!

xxoo Jené

Outfit Details:
-Cardigan: H&M
-Blouse: Thrifted
-Jeans: Red Blue Denim
-Purse: Vintage
-Shoes: Restricted 


  1. I love this outfit very much . And your lipstick is so beautiful !!

    1. Thanks so much! I had such a hard time putting that lipstick on that day for some reason! It's good to know it only looked weird to me!

  2. The gate is perfect for photos, and the outfit is perfect too :-)

    1. Thanks! I wish that gate were mine! I'd pose in front of it all the time!!

  3. Hello, There are a Restricted shoes store in New york or only an online store?

    1. Hi Delphine,

      I'm not sure if they have stores in NY, but I'm sure you can find out on their website.



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