April 16, 2014

Blue & White With A Splash Of Carrot

Spring time fashion here in Washington means still layering up and trying to stay warm. Sure, there are some sunny days, but being able to bare your arms and legs isn't really possible until about late May. It's OK with me though, because tights and knee-high socks are kind of my thing. Right now it is that perfect time of year when you can show a little skin without freezing your butt off. I'm happy with these cool days that are often breezy, because I know once summer comes, it will be insanely hot with no escape from the heat. Not to mention, I always feel a bit naked when I expose my arms and legs fully, and am not able to wear extra layers under my outer clothes. 
I made the carrot brooch I'm wearing in these photos a couple of days ago for a possible DIY post. For such a little thing, it was pretty complicated and messy to make. I decided not to make a tutorial, and just use it for my own personal fashion. I just adore cute and quirky accessories, especially brooches! I added wire to the stems so I could shape them all funny and crooked, and stuffed it with Poly-fil so it would be all squishy and soft. I'm pretty excited about it, and can probably get away with wearing it well into fall!  

xxoo Jené

Outfit Details:
-Jacket: Vintage
-Blouse: Thrifted
-Skirt: Forever 21
-Socks: Nordstrom
-Brooch: Handmade by me
-Shoes: Kimchi Blue
-Purse: Vintage 

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