March 11, 2014

She Sells Sea Shells

Why, hello there! I know I know, I have been missing in action for the past couple of weeks. Life has been a whirlwind, like always! I got sick with an allergic reaction (I didn't think it was possible for one to get sick as many times as I have the past year,) and then I went to the Florida Keys for my sister's wedding. If you follow my Instagram account you have probably been seeing glimpses of my time in Florida, but I wanted to do a couple posts her on the blog to show you guys more photos, and tell you all about it!

These pictures were taken our first day arriving in The Keys. The first thing we did was make a stop at Shell World. I couldn't stop talking about it our whole drive down, and pretty much freaked out when I finally saw it. I haven't been to the keys in a very long time, and have not stopped into Shell World in an even longer time. It was even better than I remembered! I pretty much matched their outdoor decor, so taking pictures was a must! I also found some really cute things inside to take home with me. If you even travel to The Keys, I would highly recommend this place. It's a must see for any Floridian tourist!

xxoo Jené

Outfit Details:
-Scarf: Vintage
-Sunglasses: Thrifted
-Dress: Forever 21
-Purse: Hi-Di-Hi 
-Shoes: Deeba & Ozzy

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  1. Awesome, I used to live in Key Largo and would go to Shell World all the time! Hope you have a fun time! :) If you can/have the time, go to Mrs. Mac's Kitchen for some awesome local food.



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