March 15, 2014

Patchwork Jeans DIY

Today, I am going to share with you how to update a pair of jeans with patches. I needed a way to revamp my favorite pair of comfy jeans after getting paint on them. I have been obsessing over patched jeans the past couple of months, and figured this would be the perfect way to cover up the paint spots, while keeping them looking cute! Check out the full tutorial below. 

 Supplies: Jeans, fabric, pen, ruler, permanent fabric glue, pins and needle, thread, scissors, sewing machine (not pictured.) 

 Step 1: Use your pen, ruler, and scissors to cut out a bunch of patches from your fabric in a variety of sizes. Then, use your sewing machine and thread to sew a zig-zag stitch along the edges of the patches. The zig-zag stitch to is to help prevent the fabric from fraying.
 Step 2: Try your pants on and mark with straight pins where you want your patches to start and stop. Take them off and lay out the patches in your desired pattern.
 Step 3: Pick up one patch at a time and glue it down. You will want to start with any bottom patches, and then work your way to the top ones. I recommend using enough glue around the edges of each patch to hold it in place, but not so much that it pours out of the side when you press it down. Allow the glued to dry completely.
Step 4: Even though you used permanent fabric glue I recommend doing some top stitching on the patches. I stitched along all of the edges of my patches, but the main areas I would suggest for you to stitch down are along any stress points. These would be areas like your knees and thighs, because that's where you put the most stress on the jeans when you bend and move. Once you've done your stitching, press with a warm iron. 
As you can imagine the possibilities with this DIY are endless! Plus, I feel like patches work for any season and are pretty much timeless, don't you think?

xxoo Jené

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