March 29, 2014

Old Boots Flower Planter DIY

Happy weekend lovelies! I have been so eager to post this DIY; you have no idea! It has been on my mind for months, and I just have not had a chance to fully execute it because the weather has just been so awful lately. But, if there's one thing I've learned while living in the northwest, it's that when the sun finally does shine, you immediately go outside and garden. Well, the sun did manage to poke its he out a couple days ago, and I jumped on the opportunity to finally make my boot flower planters. If the weather is nice where you are, you can make them too! Learn how below...
Supplies: Drill, flowers, old boots,potting soil.
Take out the insoles of your shoes, and any additional layers you are able to rip out. Use a drill to make a bunch of holes on the bottom of the shoes.
Fill each shoe with potting soil until it is almost full. Carefully remove your flowers from their pots, and massage the roots to open them up and get some of their old soil off. Place the flowers in the shoes, and cover  the roots with more potting soil. Make sure to press down each time you add more. Water the flowers when finished.
See how simple it was? And isn't it a great way to  re-purpose old shoes? I think so. I also really love how unique and whimsical it looks in my garden!

xxoo Jene'

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