March 26, 2014

ModCloth + Wanelo Uniquely You Campaign

ModCloth recently asked me to take part of their Uniquely You Campaign, and being a long time fan of ModCloth and their community, I happily accepted! The idea was to take one particular piece (the Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece in Red) and curate it alongside other items to form an ensemble. We were asked to use Wanelo to create our storyboard, which was actually very easy! I had used Wanelo before to find new fashions and styles, but never to create a fashion storyboard. Needless to say, I was excited to give it a go.
I used these images as my inspiration. I was thinking vintage pinup meets modern comfort! I thought going with a nautical theme was best if I was to incorporate that gorgeous swimsuit. Plus, I just really love navy, red, and white paired together. Don't you?
I wanted to create a look that you could wear to the beach, at the pool, or to a backyard party. I also like the idea of adding elements when needed, and easily being able to strip them away when they are not. Wear them all together if you are going out to eat or go shopping after hitting the beach. Wear just the swimsuit and jewelry to swim. Use the scarf to tie up your hair to keep it safe from the water or wind, or just wear it around your neck if you get chilly. I really love this sweater, and it would be perfect to shield you from a gusty ocean breeze. Not only is it adorable, it is made from cotton and modal, so I can only imagine how light and comfy it is. Plus, can yo imagine how cute that red and white polka dot print would look peeking out from that open cherry cardi? Adorable I'm sure!

Well, I hope you guys like my little ensemble I created. Comment below to tell me what you think!

xxoo Jene'

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