February 11, 2014

Vintage Inspired Valentine's Day Card DIY

This is a lovely little card DIY, perfect to give to your friends and loved ones who enjoy a little bit of vintage fancy in their lives. It is very simple to make, and is highly customisable! So let's get started...

Supplies: Card stock paper in white and a black/white motif, small paper doily, glue stick, scissors, black paint, small paintbrush, pencil, printer. 
1. Print out template one and template two. Cut out all of the shapes 2. Trace the card template on to your decorative card stock paper. Trace the heart template on white cardstock and paint with black paint. Cut both pieces out. 3. Trace the lady silhouette template onto the middle of your doily, and paint black. 4. I decided to trace the inside circle of my doily onto card stock and glue to the back. This prevented the print of my card from showing through. You could also just glue two doilies together.
5. Glue your painted doily to the front of your card. 6. Trace the envelope template on to card stock, cut out, and follow the fold lines. 7. Glue the sides of the envelope that you folded in. Close the envelope and place under a stack of books, or clip the edges until the glue dries. 8. Use the heart to seal the envelope. You can glue it on or stick it with double sided tape. 
What I like most about this card is that it can be given to a variety of people in your life, and can be used for different occasions. You can change up the colors to use for various holidays, or create your own  silhouette to make it a custom gift for a special someone. 

xxoo Jené

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