January 28, 2014

Coffee Filter Roses + Flower Crown DIY

Don't get me wrong. It is still very much winter outside. But what better way to brighten up a cold and gloomy day than with big, brilliant flowers? This DIY can be used to create just the coffee filter flowers alone, or also to make a floral crown from them. Plus, you can customize the colors of the roses to match any season.
Supplies: coffee filters, floral wire, floral tape, pliers, scissors, ribbon, water color paint with brush. *Optional: glue, paper wrapped floral wire, scotch tape
1. Cut your coffee filters into different size petal shapes. You will need small, medium, and large ones. The quantity depends on how big, and how many roses you are making. You will be starting with the smaller size, and working your way to the larger ones. 2. Cut a long piece of floral wire and bend it in half. It will also be useful to pre-cut some floral tape strips before beginning. 3. Start with the smallest "petals." Crinkle or bend the bottom of the petal and thread it onto your wire, bringing it to the middle bent part. 4. Repeat the process again with one or two petals, filling in any gaps in the rose. Then, wrap the base tightly with a piece of floral tape. 5. Keep adding petals, gradually moving on to the bigger sizes. It's best to alternate sides of the wire for threading. Every now and then use the pliers to help you tightly wrap the wire around the base of the flowers, instead of using the floral tape. *I found it helpful to use tiny pieces of scotch tape, and bits of glue every now and then to help keep the petals stuck together. 6. When you are done making the rose, twist the remaining ends of wire around each other to form one single stem. Wrap the base and stem with floral tape to finish it off.
7. Finish all your flowers in the same fashion as instructed above. I made a total of five. 8. Paint your flowers using watercolors and a small brush, starting from the inside working out. Dry them upside down using a pant hanger on a towel rack. I painted two coats of a solid color, and used a darker color on the edges. 9. Once the roses are dry, use the end of  the paintbrush to curl the ends of the petals down. 10. Make a crown base using floral wire. *I used the paper wrapped wire because it is thicker and matches my hair more. You can also make a half circle or a complete circle. 11. Twist your flowers onto your crown base using the pliers. Wrap the empty spaces between the flowers with floral tape. 12. If you left an open space in the back of your crown, tie and glue on some long strands of ribbon on each side. You can also wrap the ribbon around the entire crown base for a different look. 
This craft is rather time consuming, but so worth the effort! The roses turned out better than I ever thought they would. Plus, the flowers can be used for so much more than just a crown. I'm thinking these would also be great for floral arrangements or present toppers!

xxoo Jené


  1. Love, love, love! I'm so ready for spring, haha.

  2. this is gorgeous! what a beautiful blog!

  3. Beautiful idea. Perfect 4 a girl party. Love d pics.



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