November 19, 2013

DIY Feather Pouf Brooch/Hair Clip

Looking for a fun new way to add a pop of color to your ensemble? Then you will love this flirty yet sophisticated feather pouf! This is one accessory that definitely makes a statement, plus it looks great worn in your hair or on your blouse. 
 1. Supplies: Feather puff floral decoration, felt, glue (I used both fabri-tac and E600,) pen, flat back hair clip, flat back safety pin, scissors 2. Cut two small circles out of felt and glue them together to form the base of your pouf. (I traced the bottom of a small teacup to get my circle shape.) 3. Cut off the green tape and white thread that are holding the feathers to the wire stem. Rip the feathers off of the stem, leaving them as long as possible. 4. Separate the feathers into piles depending on their length. One by one, glue the base of feathers to each other. Start with the longer feathers, and make sure to work very quickly. (I used the fabri-tac glue here because it is very sticky and does not dry instantly.)
5. Take some of the shorter feathers and glue them to the circle base. Make sure the hard ends of the feathers are pointed in, and try to leave a bit of a gap in the middle.  6. Take the cluster of feathers you glued together and cut off the very bottom hard tips. 7. Put a generous amount of glue in the middle of  the base, and then push down your feather bundle. Fluff and spread all of the feathers out to make it look as even and puffy as possible. 8. Once the feathers you glued down are dry, flip your pouf over and glue on a flat back safety pin, and hair clip. I used the E600 glue for these pieces because they will need a strong, more durable bond. 
Tips: It is important to work very quickly while gluing the feathers. If you allow the glue to dry or harden too rapidly, it will not let you get the desired circular puffy shape. If you just can't seem to achieve the exact puffy shape you are looking for, you can go ahead and cut the feathers a little to form one. However, do not cut straight across the feathers. Instead, cut into the feathers lightly keeping the scissors parallel, like you would if you were cutting bangs. 
I've had these little puffies my mind for such a long time, and am super excited that I have finally finished and can share the process of making them with you! Do you think you will give this project a try? Let me know in the comments below! 

xxoo Jené

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