October 28, 2013

Easy Last Minute Costume - Ladybug

Hi! Here is another super easy costume DIY for all you procrastinators out there. I know that there are countless ladybug costumes on the market, but that doesn't make these little critters any less cute! And I mean, come on, who doesn't love wearing polka dots and the color red?
Supplies: black felt, black pipe cleaners, red top, red skirt, tights, glue, scissors, bobby pins. 
Recreating this look is silly easy! First, trace a circle shape onto paper, and used it to cut out a bunch of black felt circles. Glue them randomly onto your red top ( I used a leotard.) You can also do the same for your skirt if you want to have polka dots all over. Add a pair of black, red, or polka dot tights (mine are from Jo-Ann Fabrics.) To finish of the look, cut a black pipe cleaner in half, shape them to look like two antenna, and bobby pin to your hair. 
I opted not to make any wings to keep this look really simple. You could always make your own, or go out and buy a pair that match if you really want some to float around in. I also want to mention that you could easily change this look to be a watermelon by wearing a green skirt instead or red! Happy costuming! 

xxoo Jené

October 25, 2013

Falling Leaves

I left for Miami two days ago for a little vacation time, but knew I had to take some photos of the gorgeous fall leaves that are in abundance right now in Olympia. I am happy to escape the fall for a bit and enjoy the amazing South Florida weather, but it's nice to have a little reminder of what is waiting back for me at home!

xxoo Jené

Outfit Details:
-Top: Forever 21
-Skirt: Gracia
-Fur Collar: ark & co.
-Shoes: Michael Kors

October 22, 2013

Easy Last Minute Costume - Greek Goddess

 Halloween is fast approaching, which means you are either finishing up your costume, or frantically running around trying to pull one together. If you are more of a last minute kind of gal, I have an idea for a super easy costume that you can pull off with things you probably already have lying around the house. Here's how:
Supplies: White bed sheet or fabric, gold shoes, gold jewelry, belt, fake leaves, safety pins.
For the dress: I took a plain white bed sheet (you can just use fabric too) and cut a few inches off the bottom using scissors. I then used this image to figure out how to make my Greek chiton. Basically fold the top down the desired length, then fold in half so it will fit around your body. Pin at the shoulders, marked a and b in the diagram (it helps to have someone assist you with this.) Pin down the open side of your chiton leaving a slit at the bottom. Pull the dress together with a belt so it doesn't look so much like a sack. Accessories with gold jewelry and shoes. 

For the hair: Ancient Greeks wore their hair in twists, curls, and chignons. I took sections of my hair and twisted them back securing with bobby pins. I then pulled it into a bun, and adorned it with fake leaves. 
This costume can be easily customized to your liking. Cut the sheet shorter for a sexier look, use pretty broaches instead of safety pins, or wear a crown of gold leaves. The options are endless if you use your imagination and experiment a little!

xxoo Jené

October 17, 2013

Pumpkin Carving Alternatives - Googly Eyes and Flying Bats

I realized a few days ago that it is already the middle of October, and I had yet to buy any pumpkins. I quickly ran out and gathered a few from the store by my house. When I got home, I was trying to think of ways to decorate them that would be easy on my right wrist/hand (seeing as it is still not 100% recovered from whatever I did to it...) I decided that googly eyes and 3D bats would be the perfect solution! 

Flying Bat Pumpkin
Supplies: black foam, black tipped straight pins, paper, pencil, pumpkin, scissors 1. Draw a bat shape on your paper and cut it out. 2. Trace your bat onto foam. 3. Cut out your foam bats. 4. Push your straight pin into the foam bat, and then into the pumpkin, making sure not to push it all the way down.

I really love this pumpkin because it looks like bats flying around a big orange moon! It also looks really cool at night with the extra spooky shadows the bats create with the surrounding light. 

Googly Eye Monster Pumpkin
Supplies: sticky back googly eyes, pumpkin 1. Peel off the backing to your googly eyes and stick them to your pumpkin. 2. Push down each eye firmly. 
These are great alternatives to carving a pumpkin if you are just not in the mood to deal with all the slime and seeds, or if you have an arm injury like myself. Plus, you can always take the decorations off after Halloween is over, and continue to use the pumpkins as decoration into November! 

xxoo Jené

October 14, 2013

End This Summer

It's the sunny, warm October days that have me still clinging to summer. And it's these days that the only thing I want to do is wear bright colors and flowers in my hair! I can not believe the weather even gets as nice as it has been this late in the month. Especially when pretty much every tree has already turned red or yellow, and have lost most of their leaves. Do you live anywhere that still has gorgeous summer-like weather? Comment below to share. 

xxoo Jené

October 10, 2013

Blue Beauty

Since moving to Olympia I have been scouting out locations for possible outfit posts. This blue building is down the street from my boyfriend's office, and has been calling to me since I spotted it. I just love finding the beauty in dirty old buildings. Downtown is filled with tons of colorful structures, chalk full of character, like this one. Being able to recognize their true charm has really helped me start to love this little town!

xxoo Jené

Outfit Details:
-Dress: Vintage
-Belt: Forever 21
-Shoes: Restricted
-Purse: Vintage
-Flower Hair clip: Forever 21
-Ring: Robindira Unsworth


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