August 15, 2013

A Peek at Retro 360

Yesterday at work I happened to have my camera with me, so I decided to snap a few pictures of my workplace to share with you guys. I started working at Retro 360 about two months ago, and I am still so excited every time I go into work. My boss is such a super nice and funny lady, and has an amazing eye for finding treasures. At times I honestly feel like this store was made for me!

I have such a blast making outfits and merchandising the store, it never really feels like work for me. It's also really fun to help customers put together outfits (especially for themed parties) and help them discover pre-loved treasures they can't really get anywhere else. The only downside is that I want to buy everything! If you ever happen to be in the Olympia, WA area you should swing by and check it out! I guarantee you will find a zillion things you just can't live without!

xxoo Jené

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