July 09, 2013

Blue On Blue

Who says blue is a depressing color? This past week I had my nails painted in this two-toned blue combination and it made me so happy! I don't paint my nails often, but when I do I have been trying to experiment with different nail colors and techniques. This was not the exact look I was going for, but it turned out pretty OK if I do say so myself!

To achieve this look I first painted on the light blue color. When that was completely dry I stuck circular reinforcement stickers on my nails, then painted the dark blue color on top. I waited for it to be very dry and hard before removing the stickers. I finished with a clear protecting coat just so my work of art would last a little bit longer. This technique was so crazy simple, and also kind of fun! Have you ever painted your nails this way before?

xxoo Jené

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