June 20, 2013

Smelling The Roses

Yesterday afternoon I just could not resist going outside to soak up the summer. It is always nice to take a tiny break from working to enjoy the small things in life! I had a beautiful time sitting in the grass, walking around barefoot, and smelling all the sweet flowers. I decided that I needed to collect some of these roses from the garden to bring inside. The blossoms are so big, and they smell so sweet. I just couldn't resist bringing them in to be enjoyed some more.
I had such a fun time collecting the roses and gathering fern trimmings to make this tiny bouquet. Flowers just have such a way of making me feel so happy! How about you?


  1. I had to trim a large section of my tea rose bush the other day. It was so sad and so beautiful. I couldn't let all the tiny pink roses go to waste so I cut several of the good buds and brought them inside. I absolutely love fresh flowers in the house and I love the ones that come out of my own garden even more.

  2. Jeca,

    That is so wonderful that you got to bring some of them inside! Home grown flowers are the best!



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