June 03, 2013

It's A Good Day To Have A Good Day!

I have been one busy little bee lately! I am feeling 100 percent better from all of the stomach pains I had for the past four months, and have been trying to catch up on stuff for my shop that I have been neglecting. I have also just been hired at two different thrift stores the past week, which means I have been working full time while still trying to concentrate on Wear The Canvas. I'm really excited to be motivated and keeping occupied. Staying active definitely keeps my mind busy, which in turn actually helps my stomach (seeing as all my tummy problems were simply from stress and anxiety.)

I wore this outfit yesterday while working on DIY's for the blog and thrift shopping. Can you believes it's June and I still have to wear a sweater? Since I've been working on being more positive and having less anxiety, I have come to accept the gloomy Olympia weather as just another motivator. It's just one reason as to why I want to become successful with my company again, and hopefully that will help me be able to move in a year or two! Maybe somewhere with a little more sunshine? 

Anywho, thank you all for listening to my blab, and for sticking with WTC while I was going through a little bit of a rough patch! I am hoping from this point on my blog will be filled with more outfit posts and DIY tutorials on a regular basis, so stay tuned! 

Outfit Details:
-Cardigan: Vintage
-Blouse: Vintage
-Jeans: Forever 21
-Shoes: Urban OUtfitters
-Brooch: Vintage

1 comment:

  1. You are only a hop skip and jump away from Portland. Not sure how the weather situation is over there, but I can totally see you and Fermin there. Lots of opportunities for fashion, vintage, etc. and very affordable! I'm glad you feel better!



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