June 28, 2013

Bow Fishnet Tights DIY

I am so happy to share this adorable tights DIY with you today! These bow adorned fishnets have been on my mind for a while now, and I am so thrilled my vision has finally come to life. You can make your own pair too! Here's how..
1. Supplies: fishnet stockings, satin ribbon, scissors, needle, thread, lighter (not pictured.) 2. Decided how big you want your bows to be, and cut your strands of ribbon accordingly. I cut about 25 strands, each being 6.5 inches long. 3. Make your bows! There are a variety of ways to create a bow with satin ribbon, but I followed these instructions to create mine. Make sure that it is pulled really tight in the middle, and then cut off any excess at the ends if necessary. Take your lighter and lightly melt the ends of the ribbon to stop any fraying. It's important to hold the flame really close to the ribbon without actually touching it. 4. Starting at the bottom of one leg, sew your ribbons on in any pattern that you like. Make sure to place the piece of cardboard that came with your tights into the leg that you are working. This is to prevent you from  sewing your stockings shut.
I hope you have fun creating your own! I know I sure am excited to wear mine lots! xxoo Jené


  1. Saw this on instagram and had to come take a look. SO CUTE!!
    New followah!
    Garden Gnome Arts

  2. I just found your blog and I fell so in love with this DIY!

    Shared it on Tumblr, you can see it here. I hope that's ok!

    I really want to make a pair myself now. :)



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