April 18, 2013

Where The Air Is Sweet

This week I visited the sweetest little park not too far from my house. I actually went two times, but the first time was a bust, as it started hailing the second we set foot on the trail. The second time however, was amazing. The trail around the park was the perfect distance for walking, especially since there were a bunch of cute little spots to stop and sit, or in my case, to pose for pictures! There were tons of birds singing in the tree tops, all of the ponds reflected the beautiful blue sky, and I even saw my first wild Olympia bunny rabbit! I know I've mentioned it a ton of times before, but nothing makes me happier than exploring new parks around my new home! 

Outfit Details:
-Sweater: Pins & Needles
-Dress: Hand-me-down from naked lady party
-Tights: Capezio
-Shoes: Dean & Ozzy 

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