March 04, 2013

Point Of Return

Hello out there! I hope you all are still with me! I know that it has been forever since my last post, but there is good reason for that, I promise. I have been very sick with crazy stomach problems since last month. It has been the most scary and frustrating thing that has happened to my body in the 27 years I have inhabited it. I even ended up in the hospital a week ago due to being in so much pain. And to top it all off, after seeing two doctors I still could not tell you what was wrong with my poor little tummy. Mainly because they can't figure it out either. This issue has really affected my life the past month, and has caused me to be the biggest pajama bum that just lays in bed curled in a ball. I have slowly been feeling better, but then get random stomach ache attacks. So, this is why I have been slacking on not just all things Wear The Canvas, but everything in general.

On a happier note tho, the past two days have been somewhat pain free and I have been able to actually get dressed and move around. The sun was shining so magnificently all day that I knew I could not waste any more time inside. Fresh air always seems to do the body good, and a strong dose of sunshine never hurt either! 

Outfit Details:
-Jacket - Thrifted
-Blouse - Forever 21
-Skirt - Forever 21
-Shoes - Thrifted 

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