March 08, 2013

Nature Inspired Fiber Art

 I have always been a lover of all things felt. I can honestly spend hours oohing and aahing over random plushies I discover on Etsy and Pinterest. I also have an unspoken rule with myself to always have a big bag of felt lying around for when I get the itch to whip up a little something or other. Last time I got the urge to craft with it, I ended up making some of my favorite felt pieces to date. I created two tiny orchid sculptures, and a mini cactus plushie.

I created the orchids first using a mini Altoids can as the base. I wanted to place the cactus in a similar container, but didn't have anything like it in my stash. I ended up finding a rock that I could use as a base instead. While looking for that perfect little stone outside, I was really inspired by all the moss that had sprung up over winter. I went home, finished the cactus, and started working on some mossy rocks using embroidery thread. I didn't end up finishing the rocks until last week, but am so happy they are finally done! It means I'm free to start working on my next felt project whenever creativity strikes!

1 comment:

  1. Gosh, you are talented. These are amazing! I love all the little details and miniature size.



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