March 28, 2013

Let The Sun Shine In

Hello, hello! Long time no blog, I know. It makes me so sad that I am still fighting off this stomach thing, whatever it may be. My days lately have either been super awesome, or very terrible. Today was one of the good days tho.  I did some uploading to my Etsy shop, got all dolled up, and enjoyed a heavy rain storm followed by the most brilliant sunshine! Spring is finally rolling in, and I have dressing appropriately to welcome it back. As it gets closer and closer to Easter I find myself dressing in more pastels. It's funny how holidays I don't really celebrate make me want to be festive! Does that ever happen to you?

Outfit Details:
-Sweater: Vintage
-Blouse: Vintage
-Skirt: Vintage
-Shoes: Steve Madden 


  1. Oh love your Outfit and Hair! ♥

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    DIY Stamped Dishcloth

  2. The cardigan you're wearing is adorable!

  3. Loving the 50's style and pastels!



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