February 08, 2013

Spring 2013 Mood Board

Yesterday, I spent some time putting together a few inspiration boards for the upcoming Spring. I have not made a mood board in a long time, and I knew this one was way past due. I have been brainstorming some changes for my Etsy shop the past few months, and one of them is to make my store more cohesive, especially towards the seasons. I am not much of a trend follower, but rather like to draw inspiration from current trends and morph them into my own liking. I am absolutely in love with how this mood board came out, and just looking at it fills me with inspiration! It is such an exciting feeling to be moved and motivated.

What about you? Are you inspired easily? Or perhaps you have to practice creative exercises to get your artistic juices flowing? Either way, I hope this post has inspired you just a little!


  1. Those colors inspireme for pictures... I love the pictures with pastel tones ;)


  2. 1375Mmm macaroons! With candles and all things pastel so nice and peaceful to look at :D



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