February 12, 2013

Last Minute Valentine's Gift: Jar of Love

Here's a super simple DIY for all you holiday procrastinators! This quick and easy little gift is perfect for loved ones or friends. Plus, chances are you probably have most, if not all, the materials you need at home already. 

1. Materials: Colored paper, scissors, glue,  jar (I took the label off a jar I had in the recycling bin.) 2. Cut out a bunch of hearts from your paper, both big and small. The quantity will depend on how large your jar is. 3. Add your hearts to the jar. Start with the smaller hearts and then as the jar fills, place larger ones on the outside so you can see their shape from the outside. Finish cramming as many hearts in the jar as you like. 4. Decorate your jar lid with paper and glue. 

These would also make great decorations for the home, and can even be used as heart confetti! I just love versatile crafts, don't you?

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