January 07, 2013

Tourist Type of Weekend

This weekend my friend Muffin came for a quick trip to Seattle. I always like when east coast people visit the northwest for the first time. I feel like they are able to see first hand how different and beautiful it is. I have been in love with Seattle since before I even moved here, and like to show off all the bits about it that I think make it a great place to live.

Even though I have been a resident for over two years now, I still really enjoy doing touristy things; especially visiting Pike Place Market and the Space Needle. I know these are probably the two most popular tourist attractions, but there is a reason. These two locations are so close to one another, and are definitely a must see for someone visiting. I know that I am always happy to show these off to northwest newbies!


  1. I really want to visit Seattle, it is on the top of my list of city's I want to see. Your a lucky girl to live is such a beautiful city. Great photos!
    Everyday Inspired



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