January 15, 2013

Hotsy-Totsy Hair

Yesterday, I woke up with the insane urge to try my hand at this hairstyle, which I came across a picture of a couple days before. I have always been a fan of 1940's style, especially the hairdos, and have always wanted to do fancy victory curls and faux bangs. My hair was on it's last day of no washing, so I figured it would be easier to try this look when my hair had been previously dry shampooed, ratted, and hair sprayed. I took the little bit of knowledge and techniques I gathered from various YouTube videos and went to work.

It took about an hour for me to achieve this look. I sectioned off my hair into front and back, and then divided the front portion into three new sections. I curled under and pinned the front middle section to form the bangs, and then did the side victory curls. For the back of my hair I just did a low chignon.  This is only my second time trying out these 40's style "bangs," and the first time doing victory curls in this way. So, needless to say I am really pleased with the way it came out. When my hair was done I thought it was only appropriate to change my clothes to something that embodied a 1940's factory girl a little more than what I already had on. I absolutely love this look, and can't wait to try this hairstyle again! 

Outfit Details:
-Bandanna: Vintage
-Shirt: Thrifted
-Pants: Forever21
-Socks: From my dad!
-Shoes: Steve Madden

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