December 21, 2012

No Rainbows Without Rain

Hi there! I thought it would be fun to share a little project that I made a few weeks ago. I have been obsessing over cloud mobiles I've seen on Etsy and Pinterest for the past year, and finally decided to make one. (Possibly because it has been super rainy outside for the past month?) I originally created this rain cloud wall hanging as a Secret Santa present for a friend. I knew it would be a perfect present, seeing as they have similar taste as me. 

Sadly, the date for the secret Santa exchange kept getting pushed back further and further due to conflicting schedules, and this little baby just stayed hanging on my wall, staring back at me with all it's cuteness. I couldn't take it anymore, and decided to keep it! Don't worry, I still have plenty of time to make something else in replace of this present! 
What is really great about this project, is that I already had all the materials on hand. Oh, and I must mentioned that almost all of the materials are recycled! The doilies and string are from thrift stores, the felt backing is made of recycled  plastic, and the microsuede was left over from that glitter and suede shoe makeover  I did a while ago. The only new materials I used were embroidery floss and a tiny bit of poly-fil. I just made my own template, cut everything out, and used a combination of glue and embroidery floss to keep it together.
Have you ever ended up wanting to keep something you've made for a friend? I hope I'm not the only one!


  1. This is sooo cute, and you're super talented for making that! My skills only go as far as cardboard and construction paper haha, but I'd love to pop out of my comfort zone and start trying more advanced crafts. Seeing that definitely gave me the push. And I don't usually make my friends gifts, but there are a few gifts I bought this christmas that I have to convince myself not to keep =P

  2. Marlen,

    Stepping outside of your comfort zone is good! I feel like I don't do it often enough... This project was actually fairly simple tho, seeing as most of it was glued together!! Gotta love that fabric glue!

  3. You are a miracle!
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  4. very creative ideal for gift



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