December 01, 2012


It's December you guys! That makes me happy because there's a ton of holidays to celebrate and keep me sane through the cold rainy days. My birthday is in two weeks, my boyfriend's is just a measly four days after, then there is Christmas, and New Years! I'm really starting to get into the holiday spirit with my outfits, and I could not be more pleased! It's like my ensembles are decorations themselves. Now I just have to start decorating the house...

Outfit Details:
-Sweater - Vintage
-Blouse - Vintage
-Skirt - Vintage Reconstructed
-Shoes - Thrifted
-Bow - Handmade! 

1 comment:

  1. i love your festive outfit! it's very classy. and the garland is super cute too:)



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