December 10, 2012

Back Street Labyrinths

Happy Monday all! Hope your weekend was amazing! I had a pretty awesome one myself. Fermin has been working insane hours in Olympia, so our time together has been more limited than usual. Luckily tho, he got the day off Saturday. We spent the day eating out and investigating Fremont and Ballard; two of the areas I like most in Seattle. We stumbled upon the beautiful Fremont Peak Park, which is now a new favorite of mine. It is very tiny, but has a powerful view and the most interesting sculptures. I'm happy I can add this to my list of beautiful parks visited in Seattle, especially since I will be moving soon.

Outfit Details:
-Sweater- Thrifted
-Dress- Thrifted
-Shoes - Vintage Ferragamo 
-Hat - Vintage

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