November 21, 2012

Pennsylvania For Thanksgiving - My Carry On Bag Comforts

By the time you guys are reading this, I will be on my way to Philadelphia! I want to admit that flying is not my favorite thing in the world. Especially when it's a 6 hour long flight. I hate sitting still for long periods of time, and have to constantly snack or I get cranky. There are a few certain things I do bring along with me to keep me feeling relaxed on long trips though.

-An extra sweater. I always find it helpful to bring an extra sweater along on plane trips. You never know when the weather will change for the worse. It's always nice to have an extra cozy sweater in case you get a bit chilly. I also find it nice to use as a pillow replacement in case you want to take a little nap.

-Scarf.  I like to bring along a scarf for the same reason as a sweater. It's an easy accessory to take on and off when the climate changes, and can also be used as a makeshift "pillow." The scarf and sweater can also be used to give yourself a different look in needed.

-Sketch Book. I never know when an awesome idea will hit, so I like to be prepared. Bringing along my sketchbook is great for tracking my ideas, and keeping me busy with doodling!

-Tiny pouch. I like to keep my allowed liquids and cosmetic essentials separate from everything else in my bag. It's much easier for me to find a pouch inside my carry on bag, instead of individual tiny items.

-iPhone. My phone isn't just an essential for long plane rides. It's pretty much vital for my every day life. Along with doing the usual cell phone duties, it also lets me track flights, play games, and surf the web. I would probably go crazy on a long flight without my phone.

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