October 17, 2012

ModCloth Make The Cut Mini Collection

I simply adore ModCloth.com, and I am pretty sure some of you out there feel the same way. Of all the shopping websites out there, Modcloth shares my same love for vintage and retro clothing, but in a uniquely quirky way that is not too mainstream. They are constantly selling cute designs, all of which I would own in a heartbeat if my bank account would just let me,  and are always holding the most charming competitions. I really enjoy their contests, and usually participate in all of them. Even without the hope of winning, they are always fun to simply partake in. One of their ongoing competitions, Make The Cut, is one that I have not participated in. That is, until now. I always thought about entering the previous ones, but never did. I really can't tell you what clicked this time that made me change my mind. It just felt right, and I knew I had to enter.

I dreamt up these designs keeping the ModCloth customer and aesthetic in mind, as well as drawing inspiration for my love of both vintage and children's clothing. There were of course some rules that I had to abide by that also determined the outcome of the designs. The main one being the swatch of fabric that ModCloth had provided. I designed these dresses with the majority of the designs in the black and white zigzag fabric, and then added pops of color. I adore the black and white trend for Spring 2013, but wanted to give my designs just a little pizazz.  I also added some very playful design elements that I thought would spice up the dresses a little. 

Today was the last day to enter, and soon ModCloth will announce their top 20 picks which will go on to Facebook for community voting. Of course, I hope that at least of one my designs make it to the top 20.  If not, no biggie! I honestly had so much fun just brainstorming ideas and drawing sketches. This competition also pushed me to do some computer illustration which I had not done for years. I am just happy knowing that this challenge pushed me to do something I find extremely important for my profession, and oiled up my once rusty illustrations skills. 

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