October 18, 2012

Mama Got A Brand New Camera

So, it has actually happened. I finally bought myself a brand spakin' new camera! Words can not even explain how ecstatic I am over this momentous step in my life. I know it must seem a little silly to be so excited over such an every day kind of event, but before I started blogging, and opened up my Etsy shop, I never thought I would buy myself a nice DSLR camera. Then, once I knew I needed one, I thought it would take forever to finally get one into my paws - and it did. The wait was well worth it though. Knowing that I saved my money and did my research makes me feel very accomplished. My new little "toy" will serve as a reminder that if I work hard, I can accomplish my goals. It's as if buying this camera was the next stepping stone in the path to becoming the blogger and shop owner I've always wanted to be.  Now, I just have to learn all the ins and outs of using it! 


  1. Congrats your on your new toy! Makes all the difference in the world to have a DLSR in your hands :o) Testament to hard work and working toward a dream. Go you!

  2. Congrats! I found your blog when I was searching some halloween inspiration and I'm just loving it! I am following you right now, if you like my blog follow back =)

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