October 26, 2012

Little Darlin'

Yesterday I tried my hand at 1940's bangs. I watched a handful of videos a week ago with different ways of doing it. I love trying new vintage hairdos, and only recently started turning to YouTube for tutorials. I always end up watching way too many for my own good, but I sure do love learning little hair tips and trick!

 I fashioned these "bangs" out of memory from the videos I watched. I am pretty sure the next time I attempt this updo I'll watch the some videos before hand tho. They didn't turn out exactly how they are supposed to, but I think they're pretty cute anyways. It took a bunch of tries just to get them semi decent, so practice is definitely a must. I'm still slowly growing out my bangs and they just can't seem to get past that awkward stage (hmm... maybe that's why I kept them for so many years.) Hopefully in a month or two they will be a bit longer, and much easier to work with.

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