October 08, 2012

Halloween Costume Inspiration

I truly can not believe it's almost mid October. By this time last year I was already almost done with my flamingo costume. I wish I could say the same for this year's Halloween get up, but sadly I can't. I had a bunch of different ideas on what to make/be, but just wasn't entirely enthusiastic about any of them. I finally came to the conclusion to be a vintage majorette dancer! It's kind of a random costume idea, I know, but I think it's best suited for my taste. I love dancing, baton twirling, and vintage dresses, so it only made sense. I found an adorable vintage cheerleader/majorette dress pattern on Etsy, and am just waiting for it to arrive to start constructing it. I still don't know what color scheme or detailing I am going to use, but just knowing that I've decided on something feels good! Do you guys have your costumes picked out yet? Comment below and share what you'll be this October 31st! 

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