October 03, 2012

Bat Bow Tie

Sometimes you just need to get a little festive! Halloween is the perfect time to do just that. Here is a simple tutorial for creating your own bat bow tie. These are so cute, and make the perfect October accessory.

-Black Felt
-Flat back safety pin
-Hand Needle
-Straight Pins

1. Print out the template I have created, and cut it out. I made this template on a 8.5 by 11 inch piece of paper, so make sure to fit it to the page when printing. I cut my paper pattern out, and then pinned it to the felt for cutting. 2. Fold the smaller piece so that the ends are overlapping a tiny bit. Hand sew the edges together. 3. Take the larger piece and scrunch it together in the middle to form a bow. I like to tack it in place with a few stitches, and then wrap  the thread around the middle a couple of times before securing down. 4. Sew the smaller piece on top of the larger piece. Make sure to scrunch the middle to make it look like a bow. 5. Cut a thin strip of felt and wrap it around the middle where you previously stitched. Sew it down in the back, and then sew a flat back safety pin onto it. 6. Now you're ready to get a little bit spooky! Wear it as a bow tie, or even as a brooch. 

I think this came out really cute. Although I used mine as a a bow tie, you cold also use it as a brooch. It could also make really fun party decorations - maybe hanging from strings, or stuck to the wall? Go ahead and get creative with these. I bet you could have so much fun! 


  1. This is totally adorable! Love it. :)

  2. How cute! Very clever idea. Jess

  3. We are totally making these tonight! Thank you so much for the great tutorial! :)

  4. Hope they turn out awesome, Sarah! Have fun making them.

  5. Thanx for the nice tutorial! =)

  6. LOVE IT!
    Making one right now, be it out of leather, but it's turning out great! Thank you for this :D

  7. Anon..
    Leather huh? Sounds like an awesome idea!

  8. oh my gosh, I LOVE it. How cute would this look made of leather too? That might have to be my next craft project.

  9. Haha...I made a tutorial for a little bat bow very similar to that but for little hair bows and clips! I like it as a bow-tie too. Very cute!

  10. This is super cute! :D I would wear it not only for Halloween.

  11. Look at my DIY Bow Tie http://dirtyinspiringyoung.blogspot.com/2012/10/halloween-bow-ties.html

  12. I like!!! You are soooo self-sufficient and creative. Does your brain ever turn off at night?? LOL



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