October 04, 2012

A Halloween Shop Update

Whoa! This shop update is way overdue. I've just been one busy bee lately, and  I haven't gotten to posting it on the blog until now. I wanted to have way more Halloween options in the shop this year, but time just got away with me. I still can't believe it is October! Hopefully next year I'll have more of a selection, and some custom order stuff. What can I say, owning a business is a learning process.... Enjoy what I do have available  You can find them all in my shop.


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  2. Kailey,

    I'm obsessed with the flamingo dress! It was so hard for me to put it on sale!

  3. Wow, the flamingo Bjork dress is amazing!

  4. Superbe la robe flamant rose ! Super original :)

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