September 06, 2012

Fall Leaves Rose

Hello, lovelies! I FINALLY have a new DIY tutorial to share with you all. I haven't been posting much because life has been really hectic the past month, but I won't get into that too much right now. I came across a tutorial on Pinterest on how to make these interesting roses from autumn leaves. I instantly knew one of these would make the perfect present for my friend Amanda. She's always making interesting crafts from natural materials, and I thought she would enjoy receiving one of these on her birthday. I must admit, I did modified the tutorial a bit to my liking. I also want to mention that it is not quite fall yet, so I ended up using colorful leaves I picked off trees, instead of freshly fallen ones. I think I will try this again in a month or two to see how it would differ with actual autumn leaves. 

-A stick
-Freshly fallen leaves 
-Marker in your color choice
-Masking tape
-Mod Podge *optional
-Quick, clear drying craft glue
-Wax paper

1. Collect your leaves. You will need about 10 - 15. Make sure that they are freshly fallen so that they are still pliable. I covered the colorful, outer side of the leaves with Mod Podge. This step is optional, but I thought it might help make the flower keep for a bit longer. 2. Fold the tips of your leaf down. You want to make sure that they're folded to the inside part that you did not Mod Podge. 3. Start at one end of the leaf and roll through to the other side. The original tutorial did not call for glue, but I found it really difficult without it. I just added the tiniest dollop of quick drying, craft glue to the base. 4. Take your next leaf and fold the tips down again. Place the rolled leaf from the previous steps in the middle of your next layer, matching up the stems. Roll from one side to the other, and glue if desired. 5. Continue folding and rolling the layers of leaves. You will want to use the smaller leaves for the inside layers, and the larger ones for the outer layers.  6. This is how mine ended up looking. I think I used about 12 leaves. 

7. Glue your stick in the center of the leaves at the base. You can either cut the leaf stems, or leave them. 8. Tear a long piece of masking tape and stick it to a piece of wax paper. Color the masking tape with your marker. I did a couple of colors before I decided on the orange. 9. Wrap the base of your rose and the stick with your tape. 10. This step is optional. I added a couple of tiny "leaves" I cut from an extra leaf to the base of the flower. I thought it would make it look a little more realistic. 

So, there you have it! There are a lot of steps involved, but I think the finished product is really pretty and interesting. How cool would it be to have a whole vase of these as a centerpiece? You could even use them alongside other fall foliage in a wedding bouquet, or to give as an autumn hostess gift! 

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  1. Love, love, love these! I found a tutorial here and it looks similar to you but your "leaves" are more uniform and folded. I wonder - does this make them hold up better verses the others? How do you preserve them? Sisters Know Best said to use hairspray.
    Thanks for the great post! I love your blog!



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