September 17, 2012

Add a Little Pom Pom

Adding pom pom trim is such an easy way to bring new life to a boring old scarf. This DIY is incredibly fun because, lets be honest, who doesn't like to shimmy and shake while wearing fringe? Plus, it literally only takes a few minutes to complete! 

1. All you need is a scarf, pom pom trim, thread, scissors, and a needle or sewing machine. I always use a sewing machine because it takes less time, and has a nicer finish. 2. Measure how much pom pom trim you need for the edges, and cut it a tiny bit longer then the desired length. You want it to be a little longer so you can flip the raw edges under when you sew. Sew the fringe down along the entire length. 

This is a project that you can really get creative with. It can be done with any size or shape scarf, and can have trim on all four sides, or just two. 


  1. Super cute idea! I love those little pom pom's. Thanks for sharing.
    Everyday Inspired

  2. Basit ama güzel bir fikir. Kıyafete uygun renkte yapılabilir.



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