August 01, 2012

Velvet Ribbon Bow Headband

I am a huge lover or velvet headbands - big, small, and all different styles. I'm sure you may have noticed if you've followed my blog for a while. Especially if you took interest in the velvet bow fascintaor tutorial I created a few months back. This time I decided to try my hand at making another type of velvet bow headband. I had some extra yellow ribbon left over form a sewing project, and figured it would be best put to use as another hair accessory. I swear, I could never have enough things to dress up my 'do!

1. Materials Needed: Velvet ribbon, you can go skinny or fat in width; Scissors, Thin elastic cord; Fabric Glue 2. Cut the pieces you will need from the ribbon. You will need one piece each using these measurements: 3 inches, 5 inches, 7 inches, 17-19 inches depending on your head size. I would also recommend playing around with these lengths to tailor to your specific liking. 3. Take the two middle size pieces of ribbon, and glue the ends together in a loop. Once dry, glue the loops together in the middle, making sure the previously glued ends are on the bottom middle 4. Glue the two loops on top of each other. 5. Figure out where on your headband (the longest piece of ribbon) you would like your bow to go, and then glue it on. 6. Wrap the shortest ribbon piece around the center of your bow, and secure with glue. 7. Try your headband on, and determine how long you need to cut your elastic cord. Remember to cut it shorter than the length needed so it will stretch and hold the hairband secure. Glue the center piece of your elastic cord to one end of your headband, folding over the edge a tiny bit and gluing as well. 8. Glue the other end pieces of the elastic to the other side of your ribbon, flipping up the edges and gluing as well. 


  1. Such a sweet DIY. I never would have thought to add the elastic. Genius. :)

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