July 28, 2012

Strollin' Along

I really enjoy taking long walks with Linos and Fermin.  There are a bunch of little nature trails around our house that are so quiet and peaceful. I love to walk through the little patches of  "forest" and listen to the singing birds, and creaking trees. There's just something about nature that is so magical. I enjoy it best when I find myself at the end of a windy path, climbing a million stairs just to get to the next one. It feels so good to get your heart pumping, and I know that Linos has the best time running up and down the stairs.

I wasn't planning on taking pictures when I went for a walk this morning, but the path looked so pretty today, Fermin actually asked if he could take pics of me. Of course I would never refuse an offer to get a few snap shots for an outfit post. You'll have to excuse the crazy hair. It was still pretty wet from my morning shower. It's a rare occasion when I'm not freezing while air drying my hair, so I left it down.

Outfit Details:
-Blouse: For sale in my shop
-Skirt : For sale in my shop
-Brooch: Vintage
-Purse: Vintage
-Shoes: BDG

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