July 27, 2012

Heart Of Grass

Summer is still in full affect here, and I never thought I would be so happy to be hot and sweaty all day. Days of the sun blaring and the heat sweltering are hard to come by in Seattle, and I am more than thrilled to soak them up. I wore this little dress/tunic (still can't figure out which it's more like) the other day when the power randomly shut out at my apartment. Fermin and I decided to go on a lunch date to the University district, and then drove through the Washington Park Arboretum on our way home. We found ourselves in a GORGEOUS neighborhood. The houses were all out of a fairy tale, and the streets were all lined with beautiful landscaping. We stopped to snap a few pic next to a sidewalk edged with magnificently colored hydrangea flowers. Even tho you can't see the flowers to well in the photos, looking at these pics makes me happy. I love when the smaller things in life make me feel absolutely delightful, don't you?

Outfit Details:
-Dress: Forever 21
-Slip: Vintage
-Belt: Vintage
-Ring: Robindira Unsworth
-Shoes: Blowfish 

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