July 03, 2012

Fourth Of July Nail Polish

The 4th of July is tomorrow! That means if you haven't already started to get festive, than it's time to start! Treat yourself to a manicure, and celebrate the holiday with my nail tutorial! 

-Red, white, blue, and clear nail polish.
-Scotch tape
-Nail cutter, or cuticle cutter
-Thin, fine nail brush or paintbrush 
-Flat head straigh pin

1. Paint your thumbnails blue, and the other fingernails white. 2. Paint a piece of tape with two coats of red polish. You will want to keep the tape attached to the dispenser, and  lay some down on a plastic surface that can get the nail polish on it. 3. When your nails and the painted tape are dry, cut thin strips of tape, and carefully place on to the white nails. I like to gently press the tape down with a flat head pin. Repeat, making two rows. 4. Use a nail cutter, or cuticle cutter, to cut off the excess tape, forming it in the shape of your nail. Gently press down the newly cut ends with the straight pin again. 5. Paint a star on your thumbnail using a nail paintbrush, or a tiny regular paint brush. 6. Top off with a clear coat of polish. 

I think this came out rather cute for my first nail tutorial! Also, I have to give myself some props because I literally have not painted my nails for about five years until a couple months ago. I'm still re-teaching myself tricks, but am now obsessed with experimenting! 



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